Saturday Training 6-20-09 “Lovely Lanipo”

Aloha Athletes !

This Saturday we have a treat…"Lovely Lanipo", also known as "Lascivious Lanipo" and "Loathsome Lanipo", depending on who you are talking to. At any rate, this wonderful trail will give you your moneys worth and will treat you to awesome views at the end (depending on the weather). It will be the usual 6:00 am start…the roundtrip mileage is around 7.5 miles (so you may want to do 2 or 3). Depending on the direction you are coming, generally the Koko Head exit is preferred, and following the switchbacks up Sierra Drive to Maunalani Circle should get you to the Lanipo trailhead. Gaiters are sometimes recommended, due to pesky ferns caressing your lower legs. If you've never done this trail before, I'd highly recommend it !  Bring plenty of fluids, as this one takes a while.  Don