Mohican 100 Mile Trail Race

Hey all,

I flew out to Loudonville, Ohio a couple of weekends ago (6/20-21) to pace a friend through the last 40 miles of the Mohican 100–her first 100 miler.  She says she wasn't feeling it at all, but still finished well in 27:28 and 32nd overall.  The trail was actually quite nice, and I'm just glad there weren't thunderstorms throughout the night.  Thanks to Big John for the pacing tips.  Here are some pictures from the weekend.  I wore my HURT shirt proudly!


100_5988Mile 60.8 and about to begin pacing.

100_5993 Somewhere in the Ohio wilderness…

100_5997 Mile 75ish and still looking good!

100_5999 Covered bridge

100_6013 Made it through the night alive!


Mile 100 and mission complete!