Info Wanted: The Ultimate Guide to Trail Running

This is an FYI posting. If you are interested, please reply directly to Nancy.

The Ultimate Guide to Trail Running
by Adam W. Chase and Nancy Hobbs
Second Edition – due out in January 2010
WANTED: Trail Running Tips and Stories
Greetings Trail Runners,

Adam and I are working on our second edition of The Ultimate Guide to Trail Running and would like to include some of your personal thoughts and stories about trail running in our new text. Many of you contributed to our first edition (published in 2001), and we hope you'll again send your comments about trail running or one of your favorite stories to us.

You can also send us a story for inclusion in an upcoming issue of the American Trail Running Association's quarterly newsletter Trail Times.
Following are a series of questions to consider. Please answer one, two, or more sending your responses to me at or to

When sending your response please include your name, city and state, and phone number in case we have any follow up questions.

Please send your response(s) by Wednesday, June 25.

Also, if you have any cool digital photos of trail running, let us know.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Best regards,
Nancy Hobbs

Questions to Consider

1) When and why did you start running trails?
2) What have you learned from trail racing?
3) What is your favorite trail and why? (name of the trail and where it is located)
4) What is your most memorable prize from a trail race?
5) What is your favorite food for longer distance runs or races?
6) Do you have any stories about running with your pet?
7) Do you have tips for someone new to trail running?
8) During a trail run have you ever had a pleasant, or unpleasant encounter with an animal?
9) What is your favorite trail race distance and why?
10) What type of course markings do you find the most helpful during a trail race?
11) Have you ever been lost on a trail run, or in a trail race? What happened?
12) Do you take safety items with you when you run — ie: map, cell phone, pepper spray, etc.?

Nancy Hobbs

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