Miles More To Go….

Well I am back to running, on the road at least.  My knee feels good and isn't swollen.  I have run 20 miles so far this week.  I get to transition to "trail" (soft dirt path) soon.  Look out Peacock and Pupukea:)  I want to thank everyone for their support, especially my family.  The physical therapist has prescribed me custom orthotics, which I get today:)  I will let you know how they feel.  I want to also say GOOD LUCK to all who are going to Haleakala this weekend.  Better not forget the jacket:)  Anyway, if you wish to follow me on my quest for the 100 mile distance in California at Angeles Crest 100 you can view my training blog at  Jah Bless and I will see everyone at Top of Tantalus!!!