Saturday Training 2-14-09 Manoa/Tantalus

Aloha Athletes !

Julie Takishima and Ernest Tay will be cracking the whip this Saturday, so plan to meet them promptly at 6:30 am at the water pumping station at the corner of Makiki St. and Makiki Heights Rd. They will be leading you on the regular Run to the Sun training route for approx.10 miles through Manoa, followed by several repeats up Tantalus Rd./Concrete Hill, with returns down the trail. If you are doing Run to the Sun, it's crunch time over the next two Saturdays, as we will begin tapering on Feb 28. Aloha !  Don  Happy Valentines Day   ps: if you are doing the sweetheart run with Marian, you may want to back-off a bit this Saturday morning.