Devon Does another Water Drop

Devon and I headed up to Peacocks and restocked the main water drop at the junction of Kuaokala Road and the Kuaokala Trail on Thursday October 9.  It is basically an all day affair to get out there, up the hill, and back down, and return to town.  There are 26 gallons at the main stash site., and 6 gallons at the start of the Kuaokala Trail (look back behind the trailer off to the right and next to the Norfolk pine)   

Please remember:  The idea is that you should be able and responsible enough to do this loop on your own, with your own resources and water. The drops are for emergencies.  We all miscalculate and need some help. The stashes are placed for that reason.  However, please plan to carry sufficient water to get yourself from the parking lot over to the bottom of long road.(For 90 percent of us this means more than two bottles.) Help is up there if you need it, but remember it is a real pain in the ass for others to get it up there.  Please respect that. You need to hump as much water as possible up the hills as you can.   

This is Devon’s second trip up.  Gordon has been up there at least twice.  Rob has also restocked water. Please show your appreciation for the efforts and expenditures of these very helpful individuals. Thank them, and you might even offer to help pay the restocking costs, or if you are shy give it to Cheryl who will see it gets to the proper places. And  try to carry sufficient water to get your miserable ass through half the loop.  Also please discourage anybody unfamiliar with these trails from going out without sufficient water.   Some pics are attached others will follow.

Devonatwaianae Devon at the bottom of the road  Upper ridge,center at top of gulch, is Kuaokala fire trail section.  Line going through center of photo is the road to the golf ball.

I’ll post all the pics in a following note to this post.

As Always……MikeM


Badroad Leewardcoast


upper left:  white ridge ruts.

Upper Right:  Leeward coast from golf ball road summit

Left:  Take a left uphill at this intersection