Saturday Training 10-4-08: Your Choice Peacock or HURT Loop

Aloha Athletes,

This week you can choose between sunny, dry, and fun Peacock Flats or running a H.U.R.T. loop on probably wet and muddy trails.

If you want to go to Peacock, you know the drill–review the last few weeks training post–plan on meeting at the parking area at 5:50 a.m. for a 6:00 a.m. Start. Mike has posted some nice mileage and elevation info and created some good discussion. Take your GPS and go check it out.

The second option is a H.U.R.T. loop starting at Paradise. We park in the back along Manoa road before it narrows going up to Paradise Park. Let’s meet at 5:50 a.m. and start at 6:00 a.m.  We will do at least one 20 mile loop and maybe a bit more.

One fun third option for those who just can’t get enough–go to Peacock and do a loop up there, drive to town and do a H.U.R.T. loop!! Just joking–I think.

Remember, it’s all good training!


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  1. or,,,if you’re really bored,,,ask Steve & Gil if you can train with them…
    Friday–6m swim
    Sat –100+ m bike
    Sun — 20+ m run

  2. Or, if you have family constraints on Sat, join me (Paul) Friday night leaving Nature Center around 5:30pm. Planning for a 30 miler. Should be wet and fun! 497-3911

  3. Or, if you want to run Peacock on Sunday I am planning on a loop plus another singletrack loop then back down to the car. It will be about 35 miles. It is three weeks until Peacock 54 so this is my last LONG run so it will be slow. So if you are in for a SLOW run come join in the fun. I will start at 0600 behind the control tower. Please call me if you can make it.

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