Saturday Training 9/27/08: Same, Repeat, Replicate, Do Over, Identical

Aloha Athletes,

Yep, back to Peacock Flats again says the Trail Queen. Don’t shoot me, I am just the messenger. Something about loving the training area and a 54 mile race coming up??? 🙂

You know the drill, however for any new runners:

Starting time: 6:00 am. Be there at 5:50 a.m.

location: the parking lot behind Dillingham airfield control tower. There might be a
couple of options: 22 miles and 27 miles. You can always do much less
by just retracing  your route to the cars. Water will probably be
stashed at 2
locations, but please plan to carry plenty of water and also snacks and

If anyone wants to run in town (or anywhere else), Friday evening or Saturday, feel free to post it up here.

Get out an run!!