Peacock 54 Excitement is Building !

Aloha Athletes !

The HURT Trail Series Peacock 54 is just over 3 weeks away and the excitement is really building ! Last Saturday 20 runners showed up at Peacock for the training on the Peacock course…quite a big turnout. People are already offering to volunteer and Mike Muench is putting together "Peacock Basics" with mileage splits and elevation stats and Larry Inouye is working on late-hour parking approval. Gordon and I really appreciate all the support. If any of you would like to volunteer to work a remote aid station for a few hours on race day (it will require driving a 4-wheel drive vehicle through the gate on the Waianae side and up the jeep roads) please let Gordon know by e-mail: . Otherwise, we will have a large stash at the location of the "intersection".

Two weeks prior to the race, Saturday October 11, 2008, we will have a race course orientation training day, especially to give runners who have not seen the course before, and those of you not yet comfortable with the course, a chance to get familiar with the course.

A little general information about the race to get your salivary glands working:         

Date: Saturday October 25, 2008

Race start time: 6:00 am

Check-in time: 5:30 am

Gate open: 5:15 am

Race cut-off time: 12 midnight (18 hours duration)

Time cut-off: Bottom of long road, Loop #2: 8:00 pm (14 hours)

Aid stations/Stash locations:

Bottom of Long Road: water, Mountain Dew, Gatorade, oranges, bananas, chips and cookies.

Dillingham airfield parking lot: same items as bottom of Long Road

Intersection: May be a stash location: water, Mountain Dew, Gatorade


Minimum of 70 oz. of water (carry at start)

Flashlight/headlight/windbreaker for 2nd loop

Course marking: minimal (We recommend that all runners do a minimum of one course loop prior to race day).

Entry fee: $10  (not a misprint…only $10)

Awards: Top 5 finishers

Volunteers welcome ! Contact Gordon Lau

See you there !  Don