Tantalus Triple Trek Information- Race Day August 30, 5:30 am start.

This is our 17th annual TTT- can you believe it? Now that it is part of the Trail Series, there is no pre-registration, so just come early and sign in. Each runner will complete three of the Trek 10-mile loops, coming back through the Nature Center aid station each loop. (make sure you check in with Big John each time!)

We will have some munchies- something salty, something sweet, some fruit, water, sodas and gatorade. Usually everyone brings their own concoctions for the race, so we decided to focus more on our post race stuff (we’ll BBQ hotdogs and chicken again). Feel free to bring a potluck to share, but it is not required!

We will be there to open the main gate at 4:30 am, so we can set up by the bathrooms.

Aaron would appreciate it if we didn’t fill up the lower parking lot. So you can park out on the road or even down by the water tank and walk up. Only race officials and volunteers can park up at the top. Please arrive early enough to park, schlep your stuff up to the Start, and sign in.

Please also observe the "quiet zone" when walking up the road to the Start area, so we don’t wake up the neighbors so early!

It will be dark on the trail for the first half hour- suggest you bring a small flashlight.

Aid stations will be at about 3 miles and 7 miles with water, gatorade, and a few snacks. They are at the Roundtop Road, and Concrete Road crossings. Roundtop will stay open until 11:45, and Concrete, until 1:30. Plan accordingly. PLEASE take one to two water bottles on your run. (Most runners bring their own electrolytes.)

Cutoff is 11:30, to leave the Start-Finish station. Dropouts need to inform John before leaving the area, so we won’t be looking for you in the woods after the race.

The course will be marked with pink ribbons, for the uphill section to the top of Tantalus and then with green ribbons to bring you back down to the Nature Center. This is a figure eight course, so pink and green ribbons will overlap in some areas of the course. BLUE IS BAD- don’t go that direction, in other words. Simply, if you get to any intersection on the trail, look in all directions to find your pink ribbons going up, and your green ribbons returning and you won’t get lost.

We will mark the course Friday, August 29, at 2 pm promptly from the Nature Center bathrooms. Come around with us so you can see the course!

Request for volunteers!
We are looking for a volunteer to take down the ribbons after the last runner goes out on the course.

Also, we need a couple volunteers to handle the Roundtop aid station from 5:30 am to 11:45. Please call PJ at 351-1453.

On a very sad note, our good friend to H.U.R.T., Earl Pawn, who lived on the grounds of the Nature Center, passed away yesterday from cancer. Earl was the Baseyard manager for many years, and was always there to sneak us in the main gate early in the mornings and let us out late at night when we were doing our races and training runs. We will miss him very much. We’ll let you know when his memorial service is scheduled.