H.U.R.T. 100 Entrant List


First let me say that I apologize for the agonizing delay in getting
this list out to you all. It has been an extremely difficult 2 + weeks
for us, but we think we have put together a list of runner’s who are
capable of taming the beastly trails of Tantalus. After many hours of
discussion we have decided to accept nearly 110 runners into the event
(although the limit is 100), since we had that many applications post
marked on 8/1 & 8/2. If you are interested to see if you made it
into the event please check here.
For those who did make this list please know that you are occupying a
very precious start position in one of the most difficult trail 100
mile trail races in North America. For those who are on the  wait list
please continue your training in earnest as your chances of getting
into the event are very good. The wait list has been placed in
alphabetical order and we will be contacting runner’s based upon a
random lottery if a slot becomes available. If you want to be removed
off the wait list and taken out of consideration for the event please
contact PJ at hurtpals@aol.com.

Please know that we have gone to great lengths to assure a fair
selection process (postmarked applications) and that we pulled the
application in a timely manner so that most of the wait listed runner’s
have a decent chance to make it into the event. For those who have been
selected please review the guideline below if you would like to give up
your spot in the event.

On behalf of John and PJ congratulations to all.