Grand Canyon Training/Peacock Flats

I am not a H.U.R.T. regular, but have pitched in from time to time to help with trail marking for your races, etc. Inspired by a recent story in Ultra Running magazine, some friends and I are planning a double crossing of the Grand Canyon on May 9, 2009 (47.5 Miles).  While training on the HURT 20 mile loop this weekend, we ran into Bob McAllaster who recommended we do some training runs on the Dillingham Airfield/Peacock Flats run that HURT occasionally does.

We would very much like to join the HURT veterans on this run sometime to learn what the course is. So, if anyone has this on their training calendar, we would be grateful for the opportunity to join you.

Oh…and the more the merrier on the Grand Canyon "Mule-Run" run if you want to join us.

You can reach me, Bob Dewitz, at 371-0216, or email