Saturday Training 5-17-08 “Trek Loops”

Aloha Athletes !

First and foremost is a big mahalo to all the wonderful volunteers that made last Saturday’s HURT Trail Series race, "Run With a View" a big success. There was mention of the"menehunes" that did all the great trail maintenance and grooming. I happen to know for a fact that these were not menehunes, but were Steve Dewald, Chad (Steve’s worker bee), Mike Muench and Cheryl. What a great job they did ! Other volunteers were (and I hope I don’t miss anybody) Marian, Kat, Lisa (Dewald), and of course Big John and PJ.     Thanks to all !!  Great race…beautiful day…fun people.   

This Saturday, May 17, we will be meeting at the Nature Center at 5:50 am, leaving at 6:00 am to do one or more Trek Loops. Marian will be doing "several" in preparation for her upcoming Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run, so if you can’t get there for the 6 am start, just come out and join in anytime. Each loop is 10 miles and the trails are very dry and fast. See you there !       Don