Trail Access and Trail Running

Aloha Runners,

Tonight I had the opportunity to speak briefly to a group of runners at NikeTown about trail running. I know Don and few others have spoken to this group as well. One question that came up was trail access and how to find trailheads. At a presentation like this, that is a tough question to answer. I recommended picking up a hiking book that describes Oahu trails and told the group that I would also post something here.

Na Ala Hele has a great site for just this thing. Click here and have fun exploring Hawaii’s trails.

Aloha, Bob

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  1. Bob, Thanks for coming out and giving the clinic. I received a lot of positive comments afterwards. I think it got some of them thinking “outside of the box”. That there was an alternative to running the same old routes. Now they have the basics of how to take on the trails. Hopefully we’ll see some of them out there.

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