Saturday Training 4-5-08 “Top of Tantalus Race Preview”

Aloha Athletes !

Last Saturday’s training at Peacock Flats was a blast ! Several old, familiar faces showed up to the surprise of a large group of regulars. Peacock Flats is fast becoming a popular training ground, especially for runners heading for races on the mainland. We will be returning there soon.

With several of the regulars heading for Maui this Saturday, and with the first HURT Trail Series race "Top of Tantalus" scheduled for the following Saturday (April 12) we have something special planned. You’ll have the opportunity to run the race course with the Top of Tantalus race directors, Kat Tagaca and Rex Vlcek. Just think, if you already know the course you can kick the race director’s okoles. If you don’t know the course you’ll be stuck behind them. But either way, it will be a blast !Both Kat and Rex are fun to run with. It’s a 7 mile loop.

All the fun will start promptly at 7:00 am at the Puu Ualakaa Park toward the top of Round Top Drive. The gate generally opens at 6:30 am. Bring your own water and snacks, unlike the race, the training is un-supported. I’ll miss you guys, as I’ll be in Seattle on business.  Don