Saturday Training 3-1-08

Aloha Athletes !

Holy Cow Batman ! From this Saturday it’s only 2 weeks until Run to the Sun !

There will be 2 training options for you this Saturday:  First, we will have our standard R2S training option starting at 6:00 am at the corner of Makiki St. and Makiki Heights Drive. As usual, it will start with a 10 mile Manoa loop and we’ll finish it off with a couple of Tantalus Rd./Concrete Hills. The other option is very good R2S training and is something we will be doing on a semi-regular basis to help Marian Yasuda and Ernest Tay prepare for their Western States 100 mile run in late June.  This training option will start at 6:30 am at Dillingham airfield (at the parking lot behind the control tower). Depending on the route, you can expect around 25 miles of very good hill training. Unfortunately, I will miss the next 2 Saturdays, as I will be on the mainland, so if you have questions on either option, please contact Cheryl at 277-4960.  I’ll miss you guys !  See ya soon.  Don