Great article on 410 lb. guy who walks across the U.S.

Aloha HURT ohana,

I thought I’d pass on an interesting article I found the other day about a 40 year old 410 lb. guy who is depressed about his weight and decides to walk across the whole country.  He really had no idea what he was in for, and the article does a good job of showing his emotions through the various trials he faces, many of which are quite unexpected (like the surge of publicity he got, which was just as often a curse as much as a blessing).  There were many parallels to ultrarunning; this guy had "demons" he was facing in his life and in his physical trials, just as we all have our "demons," whether it be in a race or a life circumstance.  Enjoy.

Here are the links to the article, as well as the website the guy set up.

aloha, Matt