The Very Best of HURT shines at ‘The Worst of Hurt’

I have just gotten home after finishing 60 plus miles of Manoa-Nuuanu repeats.  I completed this in 24 hours and 30 minutes.    It was a birthday run and set for at least 58,  so it can be regarded as a success. I had hoped to do a 100K and perhaps did so depending how one does the numbers.   I was ambushed by cramps and too many ‘off trail pit stops’ to count.  It finally became very necessary to get myself off the dark muddy hillsides. 

Much Mahalo to all who came out to support me on this.  Special thanks to Bob and Barbi McAllaster for the great breakfast,  Don for the late night Cake and drinks, Pete for the great Pizza and beer, and many other people for help with the aid stations.   

Special thanks to Cheryl, Fish, Bozo, Rob, and Ernest for sticking by me through the night and day.  There are many others who were there and I thank you all.  A special Mahalo to David Carlesson for being there on laps five and six when I was going into meltdown, and putting up with it as I struggled to finish.  Also thanks to David for helping me clean up. 

I can not tell you how humbled I feel by all the wonderful things people did this weekend.  This started out as a way to do the hardest repeats of HURT and suffer the consequences.   It turned into a wonderful occasion for me, even as I suffered terribly.   

I will be compiling a list of all the HURT runners on the course this weekend and making a donation of $580 To Saint Francis Hospice, Nuuanu,  in the name of HURT and these runners.

Once again I wish to say that you all touched me deeply with your kindness.  I am overwhelmed.  It was a wonder birthday.

I am also bruised, battered, blistered, tired, and not just a little brain fried.  I’m going to sleep now and will no doubt keep running endless repeats through another night!

Aloha,  Mike