H.U.R.T. 12 Hour, Final Details

Anyone participating in the 12 hour needs to know that we hope the gate
will be open for us at 5:00 am. Aaron hasn’t said anything about our
parking situation, but it may have eased a bit since TTT. Nonetheless, if you
can park outside of the first gate, that would help. Otherwise, go to the lower
lot on the left just after the gate. You will still have to schlepp your stuff
to the start, at the NC bathrooms. There can be no parking at the upper lot
except for race crew folks.
We will have minimal stuff- chips, cookies, gatorade, asst’d soft drinks,
AND toilet paper. Maybe some oranges and watermellon if you are lucky. Most
runners bring their own fave foods and drink concoctions and electrlytes. We are
kind of casually supplemental, but very encouraging and mentally supportive, and
sometimes a little demanding and pushy when it comes to whiners trying to drop
out.. Come and run as many loops as you dare- this is great physical and mental
training for HURT100- how many times can YOU pass the Start-Finish line without
whimping out?
Be there, or be square.
pj (RD BIG John’s assistant)