Triple Trek Results and Some Photos

(I added a few more photo’s on Monday from PJ)

Yesterday’s race was held under slightly damp conditions. OK, it was wet and muddy. Though the sun was out at the finish! I thought it might be a wet race when on Friday morning driving to work, it poured down rain so hard I could hardly see driving down the Pali Highway into Honolulu. I called Cheryl late Friday afternoon and she said while PJ and her were out marking the course, it dumped rain a few times on them. Friday night it rained hard enough in Kailua to wake me up twice. That’s the pre-amble for what set up wet and muddy trails.

I guess all of this info is only for those who were not at the race. Those of us who ran it (or walked their dogs in it), knew all the really bad spots after the first 10 mile loop. On loops two and three, we could try to avoid the deep mud or just plunge on through. I had a change of socks and thought about changing them but why bother. My feet felt fine, other than wet and they would only get wet again 5 minutes after changing. It was a fun race. I ate lots of Strawberry Guavas on loops two and three. They are so good, I just love the combination of sweet and tart. Yum!!

Finally, I just want to say, congratulations to everyone who came out and ran all three loops. Great running by the top finishers on both the men’s and women’s side. For me, just being able to get out there and spend the time on trails was great. I am not able to run as much as a year ago, however I was still pleased with my own personal time. Thanks to Cheryl and Jim for manning the aid stations and to Race Directors, John and PJ!

Click here for the results.
Nick’s wife, Pel took these photos. Thanks Pel! I added some from PJ too.