Saturday Training 9-15-07

Aloha Athletes !

Ready or not, it’s time to get serious about your HURT 100 training, and to get you started out on the right trail shoe, we will be heading to one of the toughest training routes anywhere…Manoa to Jackass Ginger repeats. All you need to do is to grab your hydration pack or bottle packs filled with your favorite fluids, a few bars, gels or bloks and maybe a rain shell and head out to the end of Manoa Rd., just before it narrows, park, and get ready to head out by 6:00 am. You should have plenty of company, as this is a popular HURT training route. Since a round-trip is slightly short of 12 miles, plan on doing at least a couple of repeats. Be there, or be under-trained.  Don