Cheryl’s splits for 60 mile b-day run

Aloha Athletes !

Following are "guesstimated" splits for Cheryl’s 60 mile birthday run on Saturday August 25 on the Trek course: Hope you can all join our girl, Cheryl for "any" part of this cool birthday run ! Just come when you can…Cheryl will be there.

Loop 1: Start: 5:30 am/Finish 7:50am

Loop 2: Start 7:55 am/Finish 10:20am

Loop 3: Start 10:25 am/Finish 12:50pm

Loop 4: Start 12:55pm/Finish 3:25pm

Loop 5: Start 3:30pm/Finish 6:15pm

Loop 6: Start 6:20pm/Finish 9:20pm

Please remember that these times are guesstimates. The easiest way to insure that you hook-up with Cheryl (other than to wait on her at the Nature Center) will be to "back-track", by doing the Trek course in the "reverse" direction: ie: up Hogsback, crossover, up Mango (Nahuina), Kalawahine to the Cliff Trail, Cliff Trail around clock-wise to Moleka, crossover and down Center Trail. Since I will be gone to the Mainland all next week, if you have questions, please contact Bob McAllaster 225-2864 or e-mail him at: . (Thanks Bob !) See you guys on the 25th !  Don