Honu Triathlon Results

Well the word I heard was that it was a hot day on the Big Island yesterday. The Honu Half Ironman was completed and several H.U.R.T. runners and friends participated.

Here’s just a few names I pulled off the results page.

Nick Kaiser: 5:08
Cliff Rigsbee: 5:17
Darin Mingo: 5:42
Gil Loomis: 5:45
Steve Dewald: 5:55
Paul Sibley: 5:59
Elisa Hawkins: 6:09
Jozef Gyurke: 6:16
Wendy Minor: 6:32

Congratulations to these participants and all the others. For full results click here.

Finally, I heard we know what Gil Loomis will be doing the next three months; he won a slot to Ironman Kona in October. Congratulations Gil and get training!! What is this, Ironman number 31???