Weekend Summary

There were lots of things to choose from this past weekend. Paul has already posted a great report on the Friday night run. Thanks Paul. Sounds like you had a fun evening out there. Sure sounds like it was dry! And what is this I hear about Starbucks?? Check out all the comments related to this run.

Saturday’s group sounds like they had a blast on the Halawa Ridge Trail. I received this from Gordon:
"Our small group of runners had a awesome time on Sat.. The weather and views were perfect. We had Cheryl , Pete M., Steve. , Jim , Larry and Josef show up.  The latter four did an awesome job by doing about a four hour out and back. Terrific! The trail is still in excellent condition. I think Josef took a lot of pics he will post. I didn’t make it all the way to the summit because I elected to do some trail clearing along the way but plan to do another trip there to get some pics of a rare lehua blossom at the summit. Hope we can do it again and have more runners/hikers share the experience. Oh , Larry and I did the nite HURT loop Friday also and Larry looked strong on Sat. despite sleep deprivation……..Aloha…..Gordon..."

Cheryl had this to say: It was an amazing day out there…and even better with some old friends join us.
We took it easy coming back,,,I did not want to get off the trail,,,it’s just so special up there….
I am so grateful to all the folks who worked so hard to trim that trail.
Hopefully we can do this again real soon!!

Finally, you will probably be able to read more at Don’s blog, www.missionpossible-badwater.com site, however I heard this from Cheryl: "I went out on the road about 6pm, and found the boys coming thru Waimanalo. I gave them some chips, coffee,,,and red bull,,,,they looked FANTASTIC!!!"

Wow, hard can 50+ miles be when you get aid like that!!! Just kidding guys.

Oh, one last thing, I received this from Brian Wilson. He wanted everyone to know.
"Just wanted to let you and all my HURT friends know that my wife Diane and I are expecting a new trail runner some time in November. See you out there in the hills." Brian Wilson

Congratulations to Brian and Diane!!

Me, I did a lonely 10 miles on the road Sat. a.m. -Ugh! Aloha, Bob