Saturday Training 4-07-07 (Two Options)

Aloha Athletes !   

It’s time to head back out to "Gordon’s Secret Training ground", Peacock Flats. However, after hearing rumors from last Saturday, where Mike Muench kicked everyone’s okole, and had Gordon saying "whatever Mike is taking…I’ve got to get me some of that !"…maybe we should be finding out what is Mike’s Secret Training? Until then, we’ll stick to the program and follow Gordon. Here’s the plan:

Meeting time: 6:20 am

Starting time: 6:30 am

Meeting place: Dillingham airfield. Drive around back of the control tower and park in the parking lot.

Training: Short or long, your choice. However, if you are not familiar with the route, you will need to follow others, so be prepared to carry a minimum of 70 oz. of water, along with some snacks and electrolytes. We will have water at the cars (and Cheryl will be stashing some at the bottom of the long paved road) and some snacks, but please come prepared. It will likely be very hot and you will likely need sun screen.

Aloha !  Don

Option Two: (I’d recommend the first option if you have never trained up there)
Barbi and I will be running the Maunawili Trail. We will leave from the Pali Lookout and go to Waimanalo.
You have the option of returning to the lookout or arranging to have a car dropped or get picked up in Waimanalo.

Meeting Time: 6:20 a.m.

Start Time: 6:30 a.m.

Meeting Place: Pali Lookout Parking Lot

Distance: 11 miles , one-way. (it’s downhill to Waimanalo)

Bring: Water,  (at least one bottle), snacks and whatever you need.

Aloha, Bob