Sweet Haleakala Summit

Wow – what a beautiful day to run up a mountain!  Last year all I got was a T-shirt from Cheryl and had to listen to Matt Stevens talking about the awesome event.  This year, I was back and enjoying everyone along the way.

The dark start, smell of manure along the early roads, dancing lights and reflective vests all around me and the thought that I only have 9,900 vertical feet to go made the race feel perfect.  The early morning rainbow, rolling clouds, headwinds, smell of car brakes and endless cyclists brought back memories from 2004.  Perfect conditions all around.

The race management did an incredible job, better than any other race that I’ve done (Ironmans, adventure races, ultras, them all).  The safety factor was wonderfully calming inside, the volunteers were to motivational and the massage therapist – DUDE!!

This race is one to savor, and a BIG MAHALO to early birds John and PJ (before start to after finish).  Amazing. – Paul