Planned Route for 50 Mile Training Day on December 16

Just to give everyone some advance info, the route for the 50 mile training day will be this:
5:00 a.m. start in Manoa at the Paradise Park aid station.
From here we will run the HURT course over to Jackass/Nuuanu and from there over to the Nature Center, again via the normal HURT route.

Once at the Nature Center we will run a reverse Trek loop. This is 10 miles. Again, all on HURT trails. We run the 10 miles early to get it over with and make it easier to complete the full 50 miles. Once this reverse Trek is completed and we are back at the Nature Center, we will go up Hogsback again and return to the Paradise Park aid station completing the HURT loop. By this time we will have completed 30 miles.

From Paradise we will go back out on the HURT course and head to Nuuanu/Jackass, then on to the Nature Center and return to Paradise. This will give us our 50 miles.

The total time for the day will vary based on your speed. It’s a long day and time on our feet is all good traning for HURT. Cheryl says she thinks it took her around 15 hours last year. I would think that is a good estimate. If anyone wants to volunteer to supply aid or help support this run, they should contact Cheryl.

We should have a good turnout including three people from the mainland who are flying in just for this training as prep for the HURT 100. It is also Paul Sibley’s birthday.

More info will be coming later.