HURT 100 Saturday Training

Aloha HURT 100 Athletes !

In case you missed the nice, detailed post by Bob McAllaster last week (click here to review it), describing the 50 mile training run this Saturday, the following is a repeat of the plan.

This Saturday is the big day for 50 miles of HURT 100 training ! The day starts at 5:00 am at the mauka end of Manoa Rd. (before it narrows heading back into Paradise Park) where you will first go to Nuuanu/Jackass Ginger and then via the race route to the Nature Center. At this point you will interrupt your initial HURT loop by doing a 10 mile reverse Trek loop, restock your water and food, and head back to Paradise Park to complete the first HURT loop. At this point you will have completed 30 miles. All that’s left at this point is another measly 20 mile HURT loop to finish off the day. Estimated completion times will depend entirely on the individual runner. A back-of–the-pack runner (36 hour HURT 100 finish) can expect to finish this 50 miles in around 16 hours, while a Karl Meltzer-type will be in the car driving home in 9 hours, or so. There will be limited water stashed at a couple of locations, so if you plan to do the training (or if you have any questions), please call Cheryl Loomis at 277-4960 to let her know you will be there and would like water stashed for you.

Please plan on bringing (or stashing) everything you will need, as this training run will primarily be unsupported. Don’t forget flashlights/headlights.

Have fun !