Saturday Training, 11/18/06: RunRexRun

Aloha Athletes !

HURT Training is ON.  A lot of runners out this past Friday. I think a few on Saturday as well. For this week, we are planning something different. We will venture outside of the normal HURT loops and just plan a long day on the trails with a bit of road thrown in for variety. Remember, it’s "time on your feet" that counts too. If you can’t make it Saturday, I know of at least one runner who is planning to do 40 on the trails Friday night. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind the company. Let me know if you are interested in that option.

Saturday Training 11/18/06                              RunRexRun  (Photo  is of  Rex  in  his  younger days —  so I am told. Check with PJ to confirm this.) Rex_2

Meeting time: 4:50 am  (Quiet please)

Starting time: 5:00 am

Meeting place: Cheryl’s house (email her for directions–click here)

Training: From Cheryl’s we take the road to the Waimanalo end of Maunawili Trail, then up the trail to Pali Lookout.

From there we go down Pali Hwy./Old Pali Rd. to Jackass Ginger and then we will take the trail over to the Nature Center, where we will re-stock with water before the return leg back to Cheryl’s.

Remember, you can do all or ANY part. We would love to have you join us. Cheryl will have cold beer on tap at the finish !

Distance/Duration: approx. 40 + miles/approx. 12-14 hours

Stash: We will arrange to have water/gatorade at the trail head in Waimanalo, Pali Lookout, Jackass, & Nature Center. Think about your own nutrition and hydration needs and plan ahead. Remember, from Waim. to the Pali Lookout is 11 miles. Anyone want to volunteer to provide some aide??

Bring: the usual for a long day, electrolytes, some type of light for the start and finish, snacks, etc.

Good Training! Aloha, Bob