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Watch for Dogs on Trails-Moleka

Just a heads up. A local women and her two dogs are frequently on Moleka in the evening. I have had 5 encounters with her. The first three encounters, the dogs were unleashed and all over me, actually knocking me off the trail and down an enbankment (#3).

At this time I politely asked her to leash her dogs and keep them under control. Time #4 was uneventful as she was already off the trail.

#5 I saw her and moved to the side of the trail. The dogs were leashed but still uncontrolled. They jumped all over me as I tried to get by. At this point the black and white dog (LEO) bit me on the elbow breaking the skin and bleeding all over. I again was respectful and asked for her information. She refused over and over citing the need to speak to her attorney friend. I have since filed a police report and have given the information to the woman with the suggestion of turning herself in. To her credit she was apologetic at the last meeting. I am aware that Jozef has also had altercations. Be safe on those training runs and watch out for the wolves.