HURT 12 Hour Report

Today’s 12 hour run was unbelievable! Every finish was a story in it’s own, and every performance was inspiring!

Conditions were brutal- a hard rain on the dry trails at the start rendered the trails about as slippery as they could get… pretty greasy at the beginning. The windless humid air was oppressive, and our runners were getting depleted early on.

Nonetheless, no whiners, no quitters, just brave competitors heading out on each successive loop. …Even some light bantering amongst the competitors as they snuck by each other while the other was grazing at the aid station table. Delirium perhaps? No, just willful and focused ultrarunners on a mission.

John and I are always grateful for the loyalty of our HURT family- so many came out to help us with the set up and break down of the aid station, to visit with us, and to hang out and keep us company and cheer on their fellow HURT runners. (…and I think not out of duty, but because they just wanted to be there whether they were competing or not). The overall cheerful attitude set the mood for the runners.(and I’ve seen the same spirit at all of the other Trail Series races this year)

Although weary from the long day, we arrived home still giddy, warm and fuzzy with good thoughts about our most cherished friends showing up at the race one by one- each appearance was a treat and everyone was very helpful. It made this aid station easy to run.

Thanks to all of you. It was a wonderful and satisfying way to end the 2006 Trail Series. You are the best.

Aloha, PJ