Triple Thanks for the Triple Trek

I just want to make sure all those who volunteered understand how much us runners appreciated what you did. It was great having Mae Martinez, Cheryl Loomis, and Nanci Gandy staffing the aid stations. I know at the start and finish, Joel & Steff Jenkins were helping out, as was Vanessa Huff. There were probably others I am missing. Thanks!

The co-race directors, John and PJ Salmonson made sure we has a special finish with a great potluck. The grilled items (thanks to Eric Salmonson) were ono! Chicken, steak, and some really yummy sausage. There was breadfruit, pumpkin pie, salsa, tako poke, and all kinds of good grinds! Good friends, good food! That’s what made this run special. The trails were pretty good too!

Watch for photos from Josef over the next few days!