Last Race in the 2006 HURT Trail Series: Hogsback 12-Hour, Oct. 14

The last race in the 2006 HURT Trail series is scheduled for October 14. The Hogsback 12-hour race is an excellent opportunity for trail runners to build their strength and endurance as training for the 2007 HURT 100 in January. It is also good for trail runners who want to see just how far they can run in 12 hours.

The race course is simple! It starts at the Nature Center and goes up Hogsback, over the crossover trail and back down Center Trail to the start/finish and the Nature Center. Runners just repeat this 2-1/2 mile loop as many times as they can in 12 hours. For those who just ran Triple Trek, going up Hogsback is way easier than running down it.

Runners should plan on bringing their own aid or nutritional needs for a 12-hour race as there will just be light snacks and water/Gatorade at the Start/Finish.

This is a fun race! Even if you know you can’t stay all 12 hours, come out and see how many laps you can run. More details will be posted as we get closer to race day. The race starts at 6:00 a.m. and registration is 30 minutes before race start. Entry is just $10.