Mahalo From Colin Gandy

I received the following from Nanci Gandi. Her husband Colin, was recently deployed and he wanted all of us to know this. Thanks Nanci! Let him know our Muanawili race is tomorrow.

"As many of you know, on Wednesday the 10th of August, my husband Colin left for a second tour in Iraq .  In the rush of deployment events which included managing good by’s to a fairly extensive local family, he did not have time to personally thank the HURT team members for all the great times and adventures you have provided us.  Without being overly dramatic we know there will be some stressful days ahead, but he specifically asked that I take time to post this Mahalo to you for him. 

Colin very much enjoyed the people, stories, scenery, and sharing every Saturday morning.  He laughed when commenting "Every time I get to run and am circling the Air Field at 120 degrees, I’ll focus on HURT runs like Maunawili Trail and think cool thoughts."  He can’t wait to return next year and rejoin all of you each weekend.  He will be able to report on the pluses or minuses of distance training while wearing body armor!

Our family has greatly enjoyed the sense of Ohana and the warm welcome you have extended since we began running with the group.  This special kind of friendship is what makes Hawaii unique.  I’ll still be showing up at the HURT runs until I also deploy to Iraq later this year so you will have to put up with at least one of the Gandy family for a while longer.  Although he will have limited web connectivity, if any of you wish to drop him a note and/or talk story about running, his email is

Again, many thanks for some great runs and memories.  We will see you on the highways and byways and trails and dirt roads and everything in between."