The Making Of A Legend


Not many people are capable of accomplishing things that legends are made of. Yet, Stud Muffin Murphy (SMM), (Bob to most of us) is on the precipice of accomplishing such a feat. The details:

1.) SMM completed his 500th mile at HURT in 2006 with a 100 mile finish.

2.) SMM recently completed the Hardrock 100 shattering the long held record of Richard Sennelly, (arguably the fastest and most talented ultrarunner to be delivered from the loins of HURT) by nearly 2.5 hours. Can you say animal?

3.) SMM is contemplating Plain 100.

Folks, nobody has ever finished HURT, Hardrock, and Plain in the same calendar year (although Meltzer has a chance). Yet SMM is in a postion to do just that. Those three might just be the toughest 100 milers on the calendar (exception being Barkley).

If it happens he may lose the stud muffin moniker (not sure he will like that) in favor of simply "The Legend".

Bob, you are the man. My offer stands. You know what I mean.