Mango Madness Results

The Mango Madness results are now available. Click here to see them. Scroll down as it is two pages. The race was run under ideal trail conditions and the pace was fast as evident by the men’s winner, Christian Friis finishing about 4 minutes faster than last year’s winner. The women’s race was won by Kim Wright. Bob Murphy provided special motivation (ask Kim) for Kim to run a fast race! Thanks to all the participants and race organizers!!

Pictures from the race will probably be posted later this week. Don’t forget the next Trail Series race is July 1. It’s the Kaena Point Firecracker 10 Mile.

P1010006 Finally, Bob Murphy was kind enough to let me pass him going down Center trail today and allow me to, for once, finish in front of him. Actually, I think Bob was wanting a private moment as he realized today was his last trip down Center trail for a while. Here’s a couple of pictures from his moving away potluck. Bob said he would return in January to run the H.U.R.T. 100! P1010005