Unreal ultra….PADDLING Pics!

Aloha everybody,

I know this ain’t running, but this past weekend, my friend Ken, at the age of 60 years young, completed a life dream by paddling solo across the Ka’iwi Channel.  After six and a half hours, unending 15 foot seas and having a big tiger shark cruise his kayak, he pushed beyond his physical limits and finished at Hawaii kai into a 25 mph headwind.  Unreal inspiring, just like the stuff that goes on at HURT and other ultras.  John and PJ had a chance to meet this remarkable guy 3 hours after he finished.    You’ll probably see him around, hopefully pacing me at HURT, as I was his water drop guy in the middle of the channel.  I figure him going for a few hours in a rainstorm in the middle of the night with me is commensurable with me jumping in 2000ft of water after seeing some big sharks on Sunday!  Everybody at HURT is super proud of what you did, Ken!

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