Run to the Sun, Accomodations Needed

Hello all! 

I live over on your neighbor island of Kauai and am anxiously anticipating the Run to the Sun.  With many triathlons under my belt (Ironman distance and down), I’d like to consider myself an endurance junkie but this will be my first ultra running event -and I am stoked.  I wish I had been able to train with all of you, sounds like you had some fun, intense, and looong runs.  I’ve been plodding up Koke’e over here all by myself. 

Anyway, to get to my point–  I am wondering if any of you, your friends, or family would be willing to host me for the weekend.  I am basically just looking for a place that I can sleep and promise not to be too much trouble.  It would be awesome if this was someone doing the race, watching it, or volunteering but beggars can’t be choosers.  Please contact me at 808-634-8572 or at my email

Best of luck to everyone, I’ll see ya out there! 

Much Mahalo ~ Lauren