Run to Sun–Quick Pic’s

Here’s a few of fun photo’s from this past weekend’s Run to the Sun. The first is Matt, Mike and Don before the start: P1010012 (Click on each photo to see it larger) The second is Cheryl and Leon at the start: (Leon hadn’t had coffee yet!) P1010014 The next photo is team "No Ken’s Allowed!" The next picture is Patricia who ran a great race (Note the Sun on the West Maui Mountains in the background).  P1010015_1 P1010019_1 Finally, there is a photo of "No Ken’s Allowed" at the summit, proud of their accomplishment. P1010029

I am looking forward to hearing more stories from the race and if you have more photo’s, let’s talk so we can get them posted.

Thanks to all the volunteers and race organizers!!

Aloha, Bob