Saturday Training: Dryest Trails in Months

I hope you were lucky enough to get out on the trails over the last couple of days. I got in 60 miles over two days on the driest trails we have had in a long time.

Saturday the H.U.R.T. course was in awesome shape. Had the race been run over the last two days, I think we would have had some records set. I am not sure if the dry weather held all day for Sunday as I had some sprinkles driving over the Pali Highway in the middle of the afternoon on Sunday??

We had a very cool start (in fact I swear it was chilly enough to see my breath up on the Manoa Cliff Trail before sunrise.) and a good turnout as people realize this is the last big weekend for getting in miles before starting our taper. Cheryl, Gordon, Ed, plus rare appearances by Mike M. and Nick started off in the darkness. We had the light of an almost full moon give way to a brilliant orange sunrise. It was cool and dry all day. The pigs and pig hunters were also out in force.

It was fun passing so many people out enjoying their training day. People were doing all kinds of loops and additions trying to get in extra miles. I think it ranged from people doing 20 on up to 50 miles. I know another big group was training Sunday–Jeff, Murphy, Steve, Ben and Paul were all supposed to be out today.

The best laugh for me–someone–might have been his son?? said to me, "Greg has just left the Nature Center and is heading up Nahuina over to Paradise and if you hurry, you could probably catch him since he doesn’t move that fast." First, I have never known Greg to be slow–in fact I have heard he only has one speed–fast.  Second, this kid didn’t know my legs had already run about 53 miles (over two days).. by that point in the weekend, there was no way I could catch him.

Finally, I also told someone this, if it stays this dry, we might have to get the fire department to drop water on the course in certain areas just to make it muddy. As we have heard someone say—We wouldn’t want it to be easy!!

Thanks to PJ and Don for bringing out goodies and stashing drops for us.

Good Training, Bob