Weekend training or not

This past weekend for me personally consisted of zero training. Not good! I did manage to get 20 road miles in at the Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden on Friday. I can’t remember the last time I have run 20 miles on the road?

My training schedule was pre-empted by coaching our two daughters in a soccer tournament on Saturday and supporting Barbi who participated in the Mountainman Triathlon on Sunday. Both were successful. Pb200019

It was a very muddy bike course out at Kualoa Sunday! (Clicking on any picture will enlarge it)


I did hear a bit about the training from others. I heard Steve and Cheryl got four repeats in going back & forth from Paradise to Nuuanu. Great job! However I heard they were making a shortcut in lower Nuuanu, taking the shorter or upper Judd trail loop. They made this decision to to avoid all the mud on the regular Judd trail section. This sounds like a good idea and maybe for training right now, we should all do this as a way to keep less foot traffic on this muddy area.

Steve was out at the Mountainman Pb200013as part of a really fast relay team. He wisely chose the swim leg and his race was done in about 8 minutes. Notice how clean Steve is compared to his bike leg teammate!

However I have heard from more than one source that Steve had some serious competition for one leg on the trails Saturday–from his 8 year old son Jacob!! Apparently, Jacob was so fast on the trails, dad Steve could barely keep up!! Great job Jacob!

From what I heard Gordon also got some good training in this past Saturday and Don was out as well. Supposedly Jeff and Bob were running on Sunday and possibly with a potential pacer for the H.U.R.T. 100?? We’ll have to hear from them to know for sure.

Aloha and see you on the trails, Bob

P.S. One final note, Wendy Minor who had a busy October (Ironman and Xterra) was out at Mountainman. She is like the energizer bunny–she just keeps going and going!!Pb200015

Pb200017 Pb200023