Saturday Training 11-26-05

Aloha Athletes !

Since the Mystery Run has been postponed and in an attempt to give the HURT course a highly needed rest from foot traffic, we have a Thanksgiving treat for you. Bob McAllaster and Rex Vlcek will be leading you on a very fun training run. Gobble-gobble !!

Saturday Training 11-26-05 :The Garden + Maunawili Out and Back"

Meeting time: 5:51 am

Starting time: 6:01 am

Meeting place: The entrance to Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden (at the mauka end of Luluku Rd. in Kaneohe). Park on the street and please be quiet as this is a sleepy, residential neighborhood.

Training: Run thru the garden, go around the fence (to the left), mauka up the road past Koolau Golf Course, up to (and under) Pali Hwy., down the trail to Maunawili Trail and over to Waimanalo. Return the same route.

Distance: approx. 27-28 miles

Duration: 7-8 hours

Bring: Enough water, etc. to get you to Waimanalo (approx. 14 miles), plus a flashlight, rainbreaker, electrolytes, trail food, etc., for the duration.

Stash: Bob McAllaster will be stashing water, Gatorade and a few treats at Waimanalo. (Mahalo to Cheryl and Don for last Saturday’s stash).

E-mail Bob if you plan to run on Saturday: