Saturday Training 9-24-05

Aloha Athletes !

This Saturday will officially start HURT 100 training, so expect to spend a lot of time on the HURT 100 course over the next few months. We will throw in a few variations and even an occasional different venue, but by and large you will get to know the course like it’s your best friend. A complete Saturday Training Schedule thru the end of 2005 will be posted soon.

Saturday Training 9-24-05 "HURT loop"

Meeting time:   5:50 am

Starting time:   6:01 am

Meeting place: Hawaii Nature Center lower parking lot

Training: 1 HURT loop

Distance: 20 miles

Duration: 5 1/2 to 6 1/2 hours (ave.)

Bring: enough food for the duration (Mike Muench will be dropping water and Gatorade at Paradise Park and Cheryl will be doing the same at Jackass Ginger)