Volcano/Saturday Training 8-6-05

Aloha Athletes !

HURT runners kicked butt at Volcano Marathon ! It was almost embarrasing, as it seemed like almost everyone was a HURT runner, or HURTpal, that was called up to receive an award. Congratulations to all !!
Here’s an example of some of the age group winners:

First place:
Marian Yasuda
Patricia Carroll
Christina Clinton
Amy Cowan
Harald Ebeling
Nick Kaiser
Don Fallis

Second place:
Carol Jaxon
Steph Jenkins
Ben Cavazos
Blaine Rogers

Third place:
Cheryl Loomis
Ed Bugarin
Bill Osheroff
Mark Lively

The highlight of the weekend was a post-race HURT party/dinner on Saturday night, hosted by Neal & Marian Yasuda. It was fabulous !! Not only are they wonderful people, they are super-chefs and we can only hope that they will continue the tradition in 2006. Thank you so much, Marian & Neal !!

A personal thank you to Kat Tagaca for inspiration all through the run (and congratulations
to Kat for a great run).

Saturday Training 8-06-05 Option #1: "Plain 100 training @ Peacock Flats"

This is the first of several "long" Saturday training runs. Feel free to join us for all or any portion of this run OR you can do Option #2 (see below).

Meeting time: 5:52 am
Starting time: 6:01 am "sharp"
Meeting place: The parking lot behind the control tower at Dillingham Airfield
Directions: E-mail Don or call him @ 247-4144
Training: Two 18+ mile loops, plus 10-15 additional miles if we are tough enough and no one starts crying "I want my mommy".
Distances: 18, 36 and +/- 50 miles (your choice…or you can back-track to reduce mileage.
Duration: 5, 10, 15 hours (yea Right !)
Bring: Although we plan to have one water drop on the loop, please be advised to carry EVERYTHING with you that you need to sustain yourself for the duration of each loop, (you can refill at the cars after each loop). Please remember to bring water, sports drink, electrolyte caps, sunscreen, hat or cap, blister protection, bag balm and trail food, plus food at the cars.

Saturday Training Option #2 Tantalus Trek Loops (with Barbi and Kim)

Meeting time: 6:20 am
Starting time: 6:30 am
Meeting place: Hawaii Nature Center lower parking lot
Training: Two Tantalus Trek loops
Distance: 10 miles per loop
Duration: approx. 2 1/2 hrs. per loop (conservative average)
Bring: The usual (there will be no stash) plus a little to share with the group at the end