Saturday Training 7-30-05

Aloha Athletes !

If you are not making the trip to the Big Island for the Volcano Marathon and still want to do a Saturday training run, I have the solution for you ! You have the rare opportunity to preview the Tantalus Trek/Triple Trek course with the famous local ultrarunner, Bob Murphy. A word of caution…Bob’s wife Darcy is out of town and Momma Cheryl will not be here to keep Bob in line, so ladies, please be careful. You accept responsibility for your safety, if you decide to join in. Just kidding !! (I think).

Saturday Training 7-30-05 "Murphy Madness" Tantalus Trek Loop

Meeting time: 6:50 am (not a typo)

Starting time: 7:00 am (also not a typo)

Meeting place: Hawaii Nature Center lower parking lot

Training: Tantalus Trek loop (one or more)

Distance: 10 miles/loop

Duration: 2  hours (ave)

Bring: plenty of water and trail food for the duration (there will be no stash) plus bring a snack, etc. to share with the group at the end

Have fun !