Maunawili – Trail report


Just a quick trail report:  we ran Maunawili out and back this Saturday.  The trail is in very good condition – lots of water is overflowing the tank, so you can cool off on the way back up to Pali.

There are some newly downed trees that you will have to scamper around/under.  One is just past the 4 mile marker and two more between the 4.5 and 5 mile markers.

Sadly, the old tree where we stashed Mountain Dew all these years is down… 🙁   

There’s lots of new grading on the Maunawili Demonstration trail and Maunawili Ditch trail, so the downhill section is a screamer – nice and wide!


ps… the Cat’s claw is still there and as grabby as ever so watch out!