Saturday Training 03-19-05

Aloha Athletes !
Last Saturday’s training was wet…very wet ! Thanks to Todd &
Cheryl for providing some great food, and to the large, fun group
for braving the elements.
PJ’s training schedule has us down for our final taper before Run
to the Sun, so here’s the plan:
Saturday March 19, 2005  "Tantalus Loop with a twist" (plus a fun
run on the Top of Tantalus race course, for any of you who would
like to preview the first HURT Trail Series race of the year).
Meeting time: 6:50* am
Starting time: 7:00* am
*not a typo…these times are correct
Meeting place: Hawaii Nature Center lower parking lot
Training: Up Tantalus Rd. to the top of Concrete Hill, then the
    "twist", returning on road to Makiki Valley Trail and Center
    Trail to the cars.
Distance: approx. 11 miles (plus the Top of Tantalus 7 miles)
Duration: 2 1/2 to 3 hours (plus the Top of Tantalus approx 2. hrs.)
Bring: The usual + some trail shoes (for the "twist" and for the
    Top of Tantalus 7 mile run).