Na Ala Hele Oahu Advisory Council – Report #2

Aloha Runners!  FYI, a brief summary of the meeting held 15 February 2005.

1.  Poamoho Trail access is still being negotiated between Dole and the State.  When signed, the public will have access directly to the trail head.  Per Aaron, this would be a "killer" location for a trail run!

2. Trail Club clearing agreement  is being finalized.  This agreement would allow weed wacking and trail clearing on a selective basis to some user groups w/o supervision.

3.  Manoa Falls parking – leasing a section of the Paradise Park parking area is coming to the front burner due to continual tort claims for damage to vehicles from falling branches.  Negotiations still pending.

4.  Honolulu Mauka Control Hunt – Permitted hunters are now given report cards that must be submitted to DLNR.  Those that do not submit will not be allowed to hunt next season. Only 2 out of 10 have been turned in so far.  Of those 2 submited, 7 pigs were "harvested" ranging from 40 -60 pounds.  Anyone missing a running partner?

5.  Oahu Staffing – Aaron is working on finalizing another hire for a trail technician assistant.  He/she would be primarily in charge of volunteers and weed spraying (herbicide).  Jason will work w/OCCC.

6.  Trail Maintenance Report – Jason has been working in many locations the past month.  Hauula and Maakua/Papali Ridge trails were weed whacked and limbs chain sawed.  Primary workers were from OCCC.  Of particular interest was trail construction on Mokunui (one of the Mokuloa Islands) by students from Le Jardin.  The kids used on-site materials and rope to establish a trail for visitors.  This is intended to keep hikers off the mountain slopes. 


Runners, I need your input on the issues listed below – please respond directly to me @

The Commercial Trail Tour Activity Advisory Committee (CTTAAC) is requesting permission to:

1.  Bring their tour groups onto the trails on weekends. At present, commercial activity is allowed on weekdays only.

2.  Add more trails to their list of permitted areas…specifically, Puu Ohia, Manoa Cliffs Trail, and Maunawili Falls Trail.  Currently, commercial activity is limited to Manoa Falls and Kalawahine (Pauoa Flats is informally allowed.)

3.  Increase size of tour groups to 14 (1 guide to 14 guests.)  Currently allowed ratio is 1:12.  Their vans carry 15 passengers so they feel it would be more economical/practical.

FYI, current daily limit for commercial trail usage is as follows:  Kalawahine – 36 people/day.  Manoa Falls – 60 people/day.  I don’t have any particulars on how this is enforced, but there is at least one tour group about to be fined a very large sum for repeated offenses.  If you do happen to note unusual "commercial" activity on the weekends for on non-permitted trails, please let Aaron know.  Interesting note:  commercial tours @Jackass Ginger are not permitted…

I know you all share a great love and almost proprietary kinship with the trails.  Your thoughts/comments on the above issues will be much appreciated.  The full council will be deciding on this at our next meeting on 19 April.  If you do care to give some personal input, please attend.  I will post a reminder.

A hui ho,