AEI Shoes–Something Really Different

There is always ongoing discussion about the perfect shoe. Runners talk about the latest, greatest shoe or their favorite pair that finally wore out and has never been replaced. I know,– I searched many hours on the Internet trying to find the perfect shoe for H.U.R.T. (P.S. I think I came close! La Sportiva Exum Ridge)

Dave Schoenfield of AEI Shoes ( has developed something really different. If you click on the link to his web site, there is a picture of the shoe and sole. His shoes are developed for the forefoot runner.

Not sure what that means, forefoot runner? Visit the AEI web site for a full description.

There is a lot of info on the AEI web site about the mechanics of forefoot running. It makes sense.

Personally, I think I will stick to shoes with a bit more protection.

Here’s some info from his web site:

"There are several advantages to forefoot running.  One of the biggest advantages is that the ankle, knee, and hip joints don’t take the pounding that is normally associated with heel strike running.  By landing on the ball of the foot, the arch, calf, and quadriceps take up much of the impact.  The joints are not abused.  Without the forefoot slamming down each step after the heel strike, shin splints are minimized.  True, the muscles get more abuse, but they can get stronger and are not permanently damaged.

The foot positioning is similar to riding a skate board.  The foot is set down in about the same place the foot would come down to push a skate board.  Another way to visualize the foot’s motion is to stand on the side of a treadmill and try to push the
belt.  Then focus on the movement of the knee.  Keeping the ankle relaxed, pull the rear foot forward with the knee, then just set the foot down.  The ball of the foot will automatically touch down first."