Maunawili Out and Back (Run With the Pigs) Instructions


When: Saturday, August 5 at starting at 6:00 a.m.

Where: Koolau Golf Course (see map)


  • Parking – Parking will be very tight. Please see Download Parking map showing our designated parking area. If possible, share a ride to minimize the number of parking spaces needed.  Only those who are doing the full out-n-back and leaving their vehicle for the entire race can park in the designated area.  Relay teams (and those not leaving a vehicle for the duration) should park temporarily in the lower parking lot.  There will be Parking Czars to direct you – please follow their guidance and pull into the inner-most parking stall as closely as practical. 
  • Check-In – ALL runners must check in at the start / finish (that means both relay members). The gate to the golf course should be open by 5:30. There is an outside chance it will be earlier than that, but no guarantees.
  • Start – The race will start at 6:00. All runners must be finished by 2:00 pm. If completing the 22 miles in 8 hours is not possible, there is an early start option.  However; in order to start early, you must contact Marian (808-221-5171) in advance, carry lights with you, and have familiarity with the course (or be with someone that does).  There will be a turn-around cut-off: runners must be out of the turn-around aid station by 10:00 am in order to continue on the course.
  • Relays – Both members of the team must be at the start / finish in the morning to check in and be numbered. The second runner should proceed to the turn-around aid station in Waimanalo (see map) on Waikupanaha Street. When your runner arrives, hand off the car keys and the first runner can return to the finish.
  • Mandatory
    • Time cut-offs – Runners must finish in 8 hours and be out of the aid station by 10:00 a.m.
    • Golf Course – We have port-a-potties for your use. Do NOT go into the golf course for any reason.  Bring your own water to wash up after the run.  No alcohol consumption is allowed.
    • Fluids – You must carry enough water for 11 HOT miles. Sixty ounces minimum is recommended.  You must bring your own electrolytes and calories to endure the distance.
    • Trail Etiquette – Yield to hikers, equestrians, and other runners. Do not leave the established trail.  The pink ribbons will mark the route at both ends of the course.  Blue ribbon means BAD; do not go where there is blue.  If you drop out of the run, you must notify a race director (Neal (554-5848 or Marian 221-5171).  Take care of each other out there!
  • Pau Hana – Please plan to stay and enjoy some food after the run.